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The Worst of the Year (2015)

A visual approximation of how this reviewer felt after watching the movies in this list.
An actual picture of this reviewer after watching any of the following eight movies.

by Ken B.

The days following New Year’s Eve are full of regrets for many people. I’d like to talk about the regrets of this past year. Somehow, I feel it would be negligent of me if I let the first days of 2016 go by without writing about the worst movies I reviewed this past year. For various reasons, it’s a lot easier for me to consider a film one of the best rather than one of the worst. (This is why there are only eight titles on the list this year, and there are twenty on my “best of” compilation). It’s also a “singling out” of the things I felt I truly wasted my time on, a kind of annual “cleansing”, and important to me as a movie watcher because it grants me an opportunity to evaluate the things I didn’t like, and have one last reflection as to why they didn’t work for me.

In terms of getting to watch and write about unique, subversive, emotional, or just plain brilliant works, 2015 was a great year for the site. But of course, there are always some disappointments, such as…

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