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Drew: The Man Behind the Poster — Trailer Reaction

by Ken B.

Forget reviews, trailers, TV spots, or Internet ads – the most famous part of pre-release material for a film, and the one that lives on long after the it is in theaters, is the poster. Decadent art, the lauded actors, the excitement it creates. Drew Struzan, according to Wikipedia, has worked on designing over 150 movie posters before his retirement in 2008. Now, Kino Lorber’s documentary Drew: The Man Behind the Poster looks into the art of this man.

Featuring interviews from people like George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Guillermo del Toro, and Harrison Ford, this trailer does well in grabbing the interest of the viewer – or at least mine. It has a fair bit of pull to it, thanks to the pedigree of the subject and the individuals that admire him.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Trailer Reaction

by Ken B.

If you read my review of The Hunger Games, I point out many flaws, including Gary Ross being nearly completely inept when it came to positioning shots and learning to take it easy on the shaky camera. The script was kind of thin and the pacing was quite off – thank goodness they had Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role.

Well, now The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has a trailer out, and may I say that with new director Francis Lawrence in, at least the issue with the camera seems to be fixed. Looking through the video, I see some talented people, like Jennifer Lawrence, of course, along with Donald Sutherland (hopefully a more substantial role) and Philip Seymour Hoffman. This is the second film based off Suzanne Collins’ bestselling series, and looking much more promising as a movie. When you look at the trailer for its predecessor, the near-lethal overdose of handheld quick cuts is terribly obvious. If that happened to capture the mood of that film, Catching Fire will most likely be shot in a steadier rate giving the movie the ability to focus on their strong points.