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Blog: Oh, What a Night: Reactions to the 87th Academy Awards

John Travolta gets a little too apologetic with Idina Menzel in what was arguably one of the most uncomfortable moments at the 87th Academy Awards.

by Ken B.

First off, answers to the questions I asked at the end of my final predictions post:

  1. Something that would have been significantly more enjoyable had it been shorter or earlier in the show. She still killed it, regardless of time.
  2. Eh, about a six and a half.
  3. No.
  4. About 30 seconds in, no less.
  5. As far as I can tell. Didn’t happen though.
  6. The numbers went through the roof. One of my best looking traffic reports in months.

As for Neil Patrick Harris in the hosting position… what a letdown. I love the guy (who doesn’t), but I thought he really fell flat here. With a mildly promising opening number (“Moving Pictures”) behind him, NPH was stuck with reams of poor material and bad jokes, delivered at inopportune times and a fatally bad setup to a trick (the locked briefcase with his predictions) which had a payoff that was way too late in the night and way too unspectacular to be worthwhile. While it’s obvious that he was giving a real effort to keep the show going, it doesn’t help when you don’t have worthwhile content to start with (“best and the whitest” line notwithstanding). One of the arguably oddest bits of the night was a recreation of the Times Square scene in Birdman, which culminated in Harris walking onstage and introducing the next presenter in his underwear. Already feeling like a bad comedy sketch to begin with, the question becomes how much of the viewing audience actually saw Birdman and understood the reference? Assuming an average movie ticket price of $10, less than ten percent of roughly 35 million viewers in the United States.

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