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BLOG: Blowing Raspberries at the Raspberries

The best <$10 honor in show business.
The best <$10 honor in show business.

by Ken Bakely

NOTE: The structure of the following text was salvaged from an unfinished post written in early 2014.

Founded in 1981 by Hollywood publicist John J.B. Wilson in his living room following a potluck dinner the night of that year’s Academy Awards, the principle of  the Golden Raspberry Awards, for those of you who do not know, is to “honor” the worst films of a given year, the anti-Oscars/Golden Globes/Critics Choice Awards/BAFTAs/the other eleven zillion awards shows that crop up each winter. Held the night before the Oscars (all the world’s press are already in L.A. by then, and may as well cover it) in a “deliberately low-end… ceremony”, the Razzies are voted on by anyone who pays membership dues.

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Blog: Recommended Movie Podcasts


by Ken B.

I love podcasts. They’re a great device for listening to interesting people talk about interesting things, and listening to them can make menial or mundane tasks more bearable. I subscribe to many podcasts about a wide range of subjects, but today, in the vein of Recommended Movie Websites, I decided to open up my podcast app of choice on my iPod (Downcast), and talk about the movie-related ones I listen to.

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