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Drying Censorship: An Interview with Charlie Lyne

This is the third installment of my interview series, where I speak with a noted member of the online film community. Today’s guest:

Credit: charlielyne.com

Charlie Lyne is a London-based film critic and filmmaker whose professional career started with the launch of his successful blog Ultra Culture in 2008. Following that, he directed the documentary Beyond Clueless, a video essay which traces the psychology and world of the teen film. Most recently, Lyne made waves when he protested a law which requires all films exhibited in the United Kingdom to carry a rating (or certificate) from the BBFC. Finding this ordinance (and its accompanying entry fee to simply submit a movie) unfair, Lyne spoke out by sending the BBFC a project called Paint Drying, in which he filmed a wall with white paint for ten hours without interruption. They had to classify it. 

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