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The Sisters Brothers — Review

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Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly in a scene from Jacques Audiard’s The Sisters Brothers


“Smartly self-reflexive.”

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BLOG: 2019 Oscar Nomination Predictions

oscars statues

by Ken Bakely

Another year, another awards season. And this one has been particularly chaotic: from upset wins to wide arrays of controversies, it’s impossible to tell exactly who or what is in the lead for many of the big prizes in this year’s Oscar race. But tomorrow, the nominees will be announced and we’ll know who our finalists are. As with every year, I’ve compiled some predictions for the top categories. They’re ranked by my estimated likelihood of nomination. Listed are my predicted five (or ten for Best Picture), plus one possible contender that could upset (or two for Best Picture).

Without further ado, let’s get started.

UPDATE (January 23): Like last year, I have added my accuracy score and initial thoughts on the final nominees to each category. Continue reading “BLOG: 2019 Oscar Nomination Predictions”