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Let the Sunshine In — Review

Let the Sunshine In.jpg
Juliette Binoche in a scene from Claire Denis’s Let the Sunshine In


The film moves with a jazzy, flowing style, almost to the point of feeling piecemeal, but Binoche’s performance is too arresting to  keep us at bay for very long.”

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BLOG: Appendix to 2018 Oscar Predictions

Oscars statuettes.jpg

by Ken Bakely

NOTE: This piece is meant to be read as a supplement to my 2018 Oscar predictions, now live at Film Pulse.

When taken as a whole, this year’s race for Best Picture is as wide open as I can ever remember. This late stage gravitation to a handful of major contenders only occurred well after the start of televised precursors in January. The race appears so evenly matched that through the convoluted process of tabulating Best Picture votes (an instant runoff procedure), could we really be surprised if anything not named, say, Darkest Hour walked home with the prize?

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