Drying Censorship: An Interview with Charlie Lyne

This is the third installment of my interview series, where I speak with a noted member of the online film community. Today’s guest:


Credit: charlielyne.com

Charlie Lyne is a London-based film critic and filmmaker whose professional career started with the launch of his successful blog Ultra Culture in 2008. Following that, he directed the documentary Beyond Clueless, a video essay which traces the psychology and world of the teen film. Most recently, Lyne made waves when he protested a law which requires all films exhibited in the United Kingdom to carry a rating (or certificate) from the BBFC. Finding this ordinance (and its accompanying entry fee to simply submit a movie) unfair, Lyne spoke out by sending the BBFC a project called Paint Drying, in which he filmed a wall with white paint for ten hours without interruption. They had to classify it. 

Lyne recently agreed to an interview with the site. You can listen to our conversation by clicking on the SoundCloud player below, or you can read an edited transcript instead.

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An Interview with Jon Paula (Jogwheel Productions/YouTube)

This is the second installment of my interview series, where I speak with a fellow online film critic. Today’s guest:


Calling Jonathan Paula simply “a film critic” downplays the total reach of his work. The owner of Jogwheel Productions, a set of YouTube channels, Paula has been involved with numerous different YouTube shows, from being the camera guy and editor on Is it a Good Idea to Microwave This?, to the host of the let’s play series Game Time, to The World According to Jon, where he simply offers his opinions (or rants) on a piece of recent news. But his biggest project right now is arguably Movie Night, a weekly series where he reviews a handful of movies under a central theme. Featuring viewer feedback on each title, Paula has crafted a unique format that makes his show one worth returning to. He recently agreed to an interview with the site. Here it is:

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An Interview With Mike McGranaghan (aisleseat.com)

by Ken B.

In what will hopefully be a recurring segment, I interview an online film critic about movies, their views, and the direction of online movie reviewing. My work as in interviewer might be a little rough here, as it’s the first one. Today’s guest:

aisle seat

You can see (or hear) Mike McGranaghan in a lot of places. His main website is http://www.aisleseat.com. He’s a contributor for Film Racket (www.filmracket.com). If you live in Central Pennsylvania, you can hear him regularly on WKOK-AM. (These jobs have earned him membership in both the Online Film Critics Society and the Broadcast Film Critics Association). He’s also written two books: My Year of Chevy: One Guy’s Journey Through the Filmography of Chevy Chase and Straight-up Blatant: Musings from the Aisle Seat. Mike recently agreed to an interview with the site. Here it is:

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