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Kimi – Review

“When it feels like Kimi doesn’t reach as far as it’s intriguing, albeit familiar, setup might suggest, it’s still evident that the movie that’s here has been carefully and intelligently assembled.”

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BLOG: 2022 Oscar Nomination Predictions

by Ken Bakely

With days remaining until this year’s Academy Award nominations, I’m continuing a tradition for the site and offering my predictions for what might get nominated in some major categories. After the nominations are announced on February 8, I’ll return to this post and tally up my scores with some additional comments, which will be marked in blue text.

The following predictions will be ranked by how likely I think each prospective nominee is to get in. I will also include one possible alternate for each category – except for the ten-candidate Best Picture race, where I will list two.

UPDATE (February 8): My reactions and scores follow in blue.

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