Ken Bakely is the founder, editor, and webmaster of filmreviews12.com. He’s a student in New Jersey, who took reviewing up as a hobby one fateful summer day in 2012. Regardless of when you’re asking, he is in the process of desperately attempting to absolve responsibility for anything he wrote earlier than three weeks ago When he’s not on the site, obsessively looking at traffic numbers, Amazon Affiliate data, and worrying about spelling errors, he’s doing more productive tasks while still thinking about traffic numbers, Amazon Affiliate data, and worrying about spelling errors. He has written for a number of other publications, including On This Day in Film (now defunct), Audiences Everywhere (now defunct), and Film Pulse.

Bret Walker is an avid movie viewer and amateur reviewer. Always a fan of the obscure and eclectic, he and a friend started the Really, Really Bad Film Club at Rutgers University (Camden) in 1988. He also made his share of bad films under the guise of the film production company Experimental Films from 1988 to 1992. From 1998 to 2001 he ran a website called “The People’s Reviews,” on which he and his wife Erin posted over 100 movie reviews, many of which can be found here. These days, Bret is a Methodist pastor in Salem County, New Jersey, but has not lost his love of film – both good and bad. He is a fan of Golden Age musicals, action, sci-fi, horror, documentary and indie films, but especially low-budget schlock films.



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