Steve Jobs — Trailer Reaction/Review

by Ken B.

It’s hard not to get excited about a movie directed by Danny Boyle, written by Aaron Sorkin, and starring Michael Fassbender. The intrigues when the film in question is about Steve Jobs (1955 – 2011), the by all accounts complicated and temperamental but legendary futurist who led a company which revolutionized countless aspects of modern life. The biopic Steve Jobs, based on Walter Isaacson’s comprehensive biography, has gone through the hands of countless directors and stars, including a combination of David Fincher helming and Christian Bale in the titular role, before arriving at the settlement of Boyle-Fassbender.

I’m excited. I’m a longstanding admirer of Sorkin’s work as a writer, Fassbender’s depthful career as an actor, and Boyle’s range as a filmmaker. The trailer gets the job done, showcasing the dialogue and cast, which includes Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, and Jeff Daniels. I’m absolutely fascinated as to where this will go next.

Steve Jobs is scheduled to be released on October 9, 2015 in the United States.

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