Obligatory Reactions Part II

by Ken B.

What a bore. The Oscars were very predictable last night, as the only real surprise probably was Mr. Hublot winning Best Animated Short. Ellen DeGeneres was a pretty decent choice as host – she remained entertaining while not ruffling the numerous feathers that Seth MacFarlane did last year. The pizza bit was pretty memorable. Excluding those short films, I was 20 for 21, and that’s about as good as I can ever expect to be (my out on a limb vote for Captain Phillips for best editing proved to be ill-advised.) If you extend that out to all categories (you can see my scores on GoldDerby), It’s 22 out of 24. It wasn’t really an achievement for everyone to do well in their Oscar pools this year. I hope next year’s ceremony turns out to be a real nailbiter.

Once again, the show was way too long. Best Picture was announced at 11:56PM Eastern Time, one minute later than last year. There’s really no reason to have the Best Original Song performances, or the song following the In Memoriam segment. The speeches, especially towards the end of the night, appeared to drag on a bit again. At least they weren’t all choruses of thank yous; some people had some genuinely cohesive things to say, like Lupita Nyong’o, who had wonderful words prepared.

I don’t have a terribly high amount of things to say, because there isn’t a terribly high amount to write about. It was a safe, mostly forgettable, and pretty much standard evening, with the exception of the photo with (at the time of this writing) 2.8 million retweets. Come on AMPAS, give us a real big show next year.


HOST  25Star                                             

PACING 1-5Star                                            


ENTERTAINMENT VALUE   2Star