Lost in Space — Weekend Special #4

Weekend Special


Oct 4-7 results

CURRENT SCORE THIS WEEK: 4 pt. (out of 6 pt.)

CURRENT SCORE EVER: 11 pt. (out of 18 pt.)

This week’s predictions.

Allow me to be direct.

Gravity will win the weekend box office.

I will now use Google translate to write it in 5 other languages to show how sure I am of this:

“Gravity” θα κερδίσει το box office το Σαββατοκύριακο

سوف “الجاذبية” كسب ايرادات شباك التذاكر

“Gravity” ganará la taquilla de fin de semana

“Gravity” gewinnt das Wochenende Abendkasse

Beidh “Domhantarraingt” bhuaigh an oifig na dticéad deireadh seachtaine

Gravity is poised to an easy #1 for a number of reasons. There’s star power in Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, the director is Alfonso Cuarón, a heavily respected filmmaker, the reviews have been electric since its premiere at the Venice Film Festival in late August, and IMAX-3D will contain high surcharges.

So, yeah.


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